Home Business Tomato prices: consumers pockets bleed red

Tomato prices: consumers pockets bleed red


It is rather ironic that while BJP President J P Nadda and other BJP leaders are making whirlwind rounds of Rajasthan in the election season and blaming Congress government in the state, BJP itself has not been able to deliver its promise of less prices.

With the prices of vegetables including tomatoes & ginger which are an essential ingredient for vegetables & is important for gravy touching the sky people have been forced to either forgo these vegetables completely or have to buy them at a very high price.

There are news reports that now the centre will sell tomatoes at Rs 80 per kg to provide relief to people from high prices of the key kitchen item in retail markets.

On Friday, the Centre started to sell tomatoes at a discounted rate of Rs 90 per kg in Delhi-NCR through mobile vans. More cities were added on Saturday.

However this is too late and too little, had the centre remained vigilant & had made ample arrangements after the rates started rising then they would have not reached upto this level.

It is worth remembering that the skyrocketing prices of Onion in 1998 had led to the defeat of the BJP government of Delhi in the elections.  


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