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Why Sachin Pilot has made a U-turn ?


The U-turn of Sachin Pilot has become the talk of town since he indicated burying of the hatchet during an interview with a news agency recently. Pilot said Kharge advised him to “forgive and forget” and move forward. “It was as much an advice as a directive.” “Ashok Gehlot ji is older than me, he has more experience. He has heavy responsibilities on his shoulders. When I was the Rajasthan Congress president, I tried to take everyone along. I think that today he is the Chief Minister (Gehlot), so he is trying to take everyone along.

It is noteworthy that after the failed rebellion in 2020 CM Gehlot has also said forget and forgive.

However the sudden U turn of once challenger to CM Gehlot is being talked about in the political corridors of the state. Pilot had recently made news after speaking about soars of feet and has raised certain issues related to the youth. He had also taken out a footmarch from Ajmer to Jaipur & upon its culmination Pilot supporters had attacked the state government.

Since the elections are due in coming few months, Party high command is said to have brokered peace between the two assets of the party. But what made Pilot make this sudden u- turn is not what everyone is able to digest.


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